5 Minute Face


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Hello gorgeous ladies!

I just want to put it out there that you are all naturally beautiful and really don’t need to spend a lot of time enhancing your natural beauty. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m participating in an event on November 12th, where I will be giving makeup tutorials on how to achieve the perfect 5 minutes face, which I believe is all you need to look polished and put together, so today I would like to share it with you!

Here is all you need to know:

Face – primer, foundation, bronzer, blush 

1. Whether you’re painting a wall, a canvas, or doing your makeup – priming is key! It will ensure that your makeup stays in place all day, so go ahead and apply primer all over your face. Tip: Don’t forget to apply primer to your eyelids – you don’t want your eye shadow to crease!

2. Next you want to apply foundation. Tip: Use a sponge for quick application. with your sponge dab foundation all over your face first, and then gently work it into your skin – this way you don’t have to drag the foundation across your face and end up with even coverage!

3. To highlight your cheekbones apply bronzer along and just below your cheekbones to create shadow and a sun-kissed look! Lightly apply bronzer on your forehead, nose, and chin – areas where the sun would normally hit. Tip: Make sure you blend the bronzer into your hairline for a natural look.

4. And finally finish off with a dab of blush on your cheekbones and apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow! Tip: Use a big fluffy brush for a natural rosy glow – always blend!

Eyes – brows, eye shadow, mascara 

Personally I don’t like to create a dramatic eye for day time, and tend to opt for a simple yet polished look for the 9-5.  Start by filling in your brows – This will define your eyes, even if you’re not using eyeliner or darker shadows. Simply fill in the sparse areas to create a defined shape. Tip: Pencils are great, and provide long lasting staying power, but if you’ve never used one before I suggest you practice at home first. You don’t want to look like you drew your brows on.

Next, in order to look more awake use a light or a white shadow under your brows, and in the corner of your eyes. This will instantly wake you up! Tip: For time’s sake you can use the same shadow across your lid too, or you can try a different but natural shade across your lid.

And finally, mascara is key and the final step here. Tip: Your lower lash-line is not taboo – give it a shot too!

Lips – simple gloss/lipstick

Never forgo this finishing touch! Try a natural or a nude gloss or lipstick.

And that’s it! You’re done! 5 minutes is all it takes! Have fun with this look. It really does only take 5 minutes to create, and you’ll be looking naturally gorgeous!

Let me know how it goes!


Last Minute Cheap & Simple Halloween Costumes!


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If you still don’t have a costume, here’s a few super quick simple and cheap ideas:

1. A bag of Jelly Beans!!

Just put yourself in a large clear trash bag, fill with balloons, and tie the bag with ribbon!

Jelly Bean Costume


2. A piñata!

Grab a plain t-shirt or dress from your closet and cover it with paper streamers. Proceed to make cuts in the streamers to resemble a piñata and your dunzo!

Pinata costume

3. Robber!

I like this one because it can be stylish! Grab a striped T-shirt from your closet.

TIP: If you don’t have one, take a plain white t-shirt and make striped using black electrical tape.

Take a plain pillow case, stuff it to make it look like a sack full of money, and close it with a ribbon or rope. Cut out a $ sign from a piece of black paper or card, and stick onto your sack. The black mask can be bought at any dollar store or party store – or just cut one out yourself!

Robber costume

4. Twister!

Again, grab that white tee or dress and paste circle cutouts and you’re twister! You can certainly play this up and make it really fun!!



Happy Halloween!!

Why Be Mundane? A Non-Mundane #OOTD


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I used to be jealous of the girls that I thought always looked put together, because I never did look like that. For some reason to me put together meant monochromatic and safe. The wonderful thing about getting older is you realize you don’t have to look like anyone else, and the reason I never looked ‘put together’ is because I had a different style. I too like to look good (who doesn’t?) but looking good is equivalent to feeling good, and I feel good in clothes that represent me. I love colours and patterns, and mixing all things fun. I’m not whack (or at least I don’t think?) but I certainly don’t shy away from unique combos.

So here is the outfit of the day:

I’m wearing my Ann Taylor black skirt with leather detailing (leather has been everywhere this season!), paired with a red blouse. Red and black is a pretty classic combination right? Of course it is, so why stop there! I then added a green & white scarf, and a patterned cardigan to finish off the look.

Why does it work? Or does it?

Red and green are complementary colours so they should in theory look good.

Tip: do be careful with the shades you choose. You can look like Christmas if you mix a forest green with red.

Beige, although here it is patterned, is a neutral and the hue of beige I’m wearing is in the same colour family as the scarf – tying it together. So in actuality, and in a way all its own this outfit actually makes sense!

The pink phone case is out of place, I’ll give you that.

@splattershare black Ann Taylor Skirt, Red Ricki's blouse, vintage scarf + BR Cardigan

Skirt: Ann Taylor

Top: Ricki’s

Cardigan: Banana Republic

Pumps: Zalin

Scarf: It just appeared in my closet



Colours of Haul


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Now that I’ve had the chance to try out all of the L’Oreal nail polish colours I bought, here’s a round up:

nail polished loreal


Miss Luster-Ess: 

Miss Luster-Ess: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Tangerine Crush:

tangerine crush: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Penthouse Pink:

penthouse pink: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Like I’ve said before these nail polishes are easy to apply due to the brush, and they last! For best results apply a base and a top coat, but even without those I find that the polish lasts about 6 days without chipping.



Colours of Haul


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Now that I’ve had the chance to try out all of the L’Oreal nail polish colours I bought, here’s a round up:

nail polished loreal


Miss Luster-Ess: 

Miss Luster-Ess: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Tangerine Crush:

tangerine crush: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Penthouse Pink:

penthouse pink: L'Oreal nail polish @splattershare


Like I’ve said before these nail polishes are easy to apply due to the brush, and they last! For best results apply a base and a top coat, but even without those I find that the polish lasts about 6 days without chipping.



More Money Please


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Sorry guys for not posting my Thursday Thought on Thursday. Let’s try it on a Friday this time. Hmm?

What I want to talk about is money. I find personal finance extremely interesting – it’s like a game, where you try to manipulate what you have, earn more along the way, and move closer towards your dreams. It’s a giant topic so I won’t dwell too deep today, but I do want to talk about money.

I don’t think you can achieve financial independence by reducing your spending only. As you age, mature, and grow so do your needs and wants. Ultimately you should be working towards earning more. But that doesn’t solve the issue either. THE most important factor in the financial independence formula is proper money management. If you make a lot of money but spend it in ridiculous ways and end up racking up debt anyway, no amount of money will ever be enough. Building good strong habits, and learning about budgeting is key. No matter how much money you have spending it in a smart way is important.

Buying something of equivalent value, and no added benefit for a higher price is stupid. If something costs more it better be superior in quality or differ at least in some way. There are many reasons why one product can be more expensive than the next – quality, craftsmanship, brand name, better/more ethical processes etc. And I’m happy to pay for that. If I’m buying a winter jacket, which is essential for Canadian winters, I’m happy to pay more for one that will keep me warm, will maintain its shape and appearance, and hopefully last for several seasons. It is when there is no difference between items that I don’t see the need to overpay.

So without further ado, my little rant/tips for the day on making your money go further

1. EBay: We’re all familiar with it but what is EBay best for? While I’m sure that it’s great for collectibles and unique items, what I’ve discovered is that EBay is great for accessories. Everything is made in China anyway so why not get it directly from the source? I always select the Free Shipping option, as not to be surprised or discouraged from my purchase, and filter by price and end date. This is seriously fool-proof. You essentially get factory direct prices without all of the markups related to retail and international shipping.

Example: I went to Jamaica last year (absolutely incredible by the way) and I wanted to buy a keepsake for myself. Seeing as I hate knick knacks (they take up space, but what are they for?) I decided to get a beautiful piece of jewelry that looked unique. I thought I was getting a one-of-a-kind made-in-Jamaica piece, and for $20?? Excellent! A little while later, when I was back in Canada perusing EBay I came across the exact same necklace, only in a different colour. The price? $1.75. Yes that’s a nice profit margin.

@splattershare more money please - Jamaica necklace green jamaica necklace screen shot

So, I repeat, if it’s made in China anyway why not get it from the source, and cut out the middleman. While I know that brand names can be important when it comes to staple purses, if you’re thinking scarves, headbands and costume jewelry head to EBay.

2. Groceries: Yes, I do understand that stressed out, cooped up chickens are different than the ones that run around grazing and playing with their friends. Fine, those chickens might be better for you and thus more expensive. Then there’s the ‘Dirty Dozen’ – 12 products which are recommended to be organic due to pesticide residue. BUT what about the rest of food?? If there is no added benefit, I’m not paying for the brand. It’s food. You eat it. You don’t put it on your counter to admire the packaging. Hell, take it out of the packaging and serve it on a pretty platter if it makes you feel better. I just don’t understand why non-organic vegetables in the higher-end grocery stores are 3 times more expensive than those in cheaper ones. And yes I’ve tried both. Identical qualities. And if you think that the savings are measly think again. Grocery shopping is at least a weekly adventure, and there are 52 weeks in a year. If you’re savings $20 a trip (quite frankly it’s definitely a lot more than that) $20 x 52 = $1040. That’s more than a grand in your pocket. Vacation anyone?

There are a gazillion more such examples, but let me spread them out as not to burden you on this beautiful Friday. Have a look at my “Points I love” post for more ridiculously simple tips which don’t require any change or effort, but keep more money in your pocket.

You work hard for your money, you should be able to enjoy more of it!


White After Labour Day


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The trick to ‘white after labour day’ is to go for off-white and creamy shades, rather than stark crisp whites. Paired with thicker fabrics – you can’t go wrong!

white after labour day @splattershare

 Dress: Express

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Blazer: Kenneth Cole

Purse: Ann Taylor

white after labour day @splattershareSkirt: Darling

Top: Smart Set

Booties: IMPO

Apparently I own a lot of white/off-white/cream. Wore this to work today:

white after labour day @splattershare

Dress: Banana Republic

Sweater: Banana Republic


An Apple Festival East of the City


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I had such a wonderful time last time I went to Bowmanville that I decided to do it again. This time for the annual Apple Festival. It was a first for me, but it was in fact the 25th annual Apple Fest in Bowmanville.

apple fest in bowmanville @splattershare

Needless to say there were lots of apples, as well as other local goods being sold.

apple fest in bowmanville @splattershare

There were tons of different vendors and pop-up shops. Lots of fashion to take in! And in fact Gather had several pop-up shops including Preloved! Not only did Preloved have a pop-up shop set up, with amazing knit wear might I add! But Julia Grieve herself was there! (Middle, below)

Preloved @gather  - apple fest in bowmanville @splattershare

Julia Grieve is not just the CEO but also the creative mind and visionary behind the brand. She used her incredible eye for vintage finds and unique clothing to create a one-of-a-kind brand that is now sold in Anthropologie, The Hudson’s Bay Company, Beams Japan, Roots, and over 400 independent boutiques. Now there’s some business inspiration for you!

On the left, we have Kate, who is the co-owner of Brunchkins – an incredible organization which provides a nutritious breakfast and packable lunches to elementary school children in non-profit housing.

I think the cause is so great in fact that I will be taking part in ‘Gather for the Brunchkins’ fundraising event on Nov 12 with these lovely ladies. It will be a night of food, wine, tons of fun, an inspirational talk by Julia, and makeup tutorials on how to achieve a quick 5 minute face given by me!

If you’re in the GTA or Toronto and would like to attend feel free to comment below or send me an email. Tickets are only $20 and all proceeds are going towards a great cause!!

Julia Grieve, Kate and Karen

After socializing with the ladies, I decided to stroll through the apple fest some more, and sure enough I came across another great find! The beautiful colours and smiling faces drew me in, and there I found Earthsence – A line of all natural and delicious smelling soaps, and body lotions. It turns out that this is an entirely local brand which was started by Glen and Verna. Glen is a chemist who decided to make a cream for his lovely wife who had dry skin around the winter months and didn’t feel comfortable buying creams containing ingredients she couldn’t pronounce – And ta-da! Earthsence was born. It’s currently sold in local shops, and is in the local hospital. I believe they also accept orders through their website by phone or email. I tried the hand butter while I was there, and boy were my hands soft! Their products are all natural, and totally reasonably priced!


To complete my adventure I headed just a bit outside this town to take in the fall scenery. Stay tuned for some photographs from my adventure!


Make up Haul! #LOreal


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So there was a makeup sale in town and this happened:

makeup haul @splattershare

I regret nothing! It was hosted by L’Oreal and the prices were second only to the selections. The cool thing was that not only were there amazing deals on L’Oreal products, but the sale featured L’Oreal’s other brands as well. For example, there was a pretty wide selection of perfumes and I was able to get the YSL Manifesto perfume I’ve had my eye on, for a fraction of the cost.

I’ve talked about how much I love L’Oreal nail polishes before, and it’s never been Truer. I paint my own nails a lot – partly because I love being able to swap out colours on a whim, and in part because spending an hour sitting somewhere doing nothing doesn’t feel productive, and unless I’m going away on a trip or there’s a fancy event I probably won’t bother getting my nails done. So being able to have the right tools at home is key! L’Oreal nail polish colours not only go on perfectly but dry quickly, and last. The three colours I got were: “Miss Luster-Ess”(I’m currently wearing – below), “Tangerine Crush”, and “Penthouse Pink”. Oh and did I mention that they were only $2.50 each? That’s right. Now that’s bang for your buck! I can’t wait try out the other 2 shades! I bet they’re fabulous.

L'oreal nail polish @splattershare L'oreal nail polish @splattershare

The other noteworthy purchase is this beautiful Orangy lipstick – “Volcanic” #410.

With my complexion and hair colour red can be a bit much for the day. It’s glamorously dramatic for night time but during the day hard to pull off. Just when I thought I was bound to nude gloss forever, came this shade to save the day!

TIP: Outline your lips with a brush, using the same lipstick. Then fill in the rest for a perfectly contoured lip.

Now I can glam up my days too!

Loreal lipstick @splattershare

So all in all, I’m a happy camper, and super thankful for events like this one!

What awesome products have you discovered lately?

Share them with me in the comments!



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